Module 2: TPACK


I’m the star (Reproduced by permission of the publisher, © 2012 by

Do you think the expansion of the “T” into “Tech” is significant or necessary? Does it help the framework?

Emphasising ‘tech’ over the other parts seems counter intuitive as TPACK seems to be more of a holistic approach that balances each of the three areas. In that sense I don’t think it helps the framework.

I’ve never come across TPACK before but it seems like a decent representation of the approach modern teachers needed in formulating a balanced curriculum that maximises the knowledge and tools now available. Having several years of hands on experience would put me a little towards the PK section but I lack a lot of the theory. TK is probably my strongest area and content, the weakest.

An article on a study done by English educators that questions the usefulness of TPACK as a framework:

Parr, Graham; Bellis, Natalie and Bulfin, Scott. Teaching English teachers for the future: Speaking back to TPACK [online]. English in Australia, Vol. 48, No. 1, 2013: 9-22. Availability:<;dn=322818783063191;res=IELAPA&gt;


Koehler, M. & Mishra, P. (2008, March). Thinking Creatively: Teachers as designers of technology, pedagogy and content [Video file]. Retrieved from


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