Hardware Module

Hardware in my Classroom

At my Korean elementary school I had a computer, printer, laminator and a TV linked to the PC. I had access to digital copies of the textbooks so used the TV screen to display the page we were doing. It also had audio links embedded on the pages for listening activities. The computer was old and the tech support was haphazard leaving me to work through problems in Korean. Cords ran along the floor and the Ethernet cable was held, in a port hanging under my desk, by sticky tape. I also used my smart phone for recordings, photos and as a game timer. No new tech was introduced in the 12 months I worked there. I assume the company I worked for didn’t want to overspend and was happy with what I could show the parents with the TV display. The large display was incredibly useful for engaging students with relevant videos, my attempts at MS Paint and text book work. Parents and teachers see the tech as useful but a bare minimum for classroom hardware these days.

Thoughts on the readings:

  • ICT, its effect on kids in and out of the classroom is undoubtedly an area we don’t know enough about.
  • Agreed with Cox that we need a balance between a broad, systematic balance of quantitative and qualitative research as neither is enough by itself.
  • Seems like researchers have a tough job in a field that’s diverse and constantly evolving, thereby requiring constant research and evaluation
  • Cox says researchers must stay on top of tech developments but also synthesize findings with other fields like psych/socio etc.
  • We need new assessments that measure a wider range of literacies if we are to understand the benefits of ICT in the classroom. Quantitative testing has difficulty assessing 21st century skills
  • Teachers need to be tech leaders, but also need the support of curriculum, schools and government.


Cox, M.J. (2012). Formal to informal learning with IT: research challenges and issues for e-learning. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2729.2012.00483.x

Voogt J., Knezek G., Cox M.J., Knezek D. & ten Brummelhuis A. (2011). Under which conditions does ICT have a positive effect on teaching and learning? A call to action. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. 15 November 2011. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2729.2011.00453.x.


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