Thoughts about learning theories related to Assessment 1

I’m considering using Windows Movie Maker as the software.

The use of it would require a certain amount of directed instruction in order for students to assemble their footage for presentation.

Once students become accustomed to the software it would open up opportunities for more inquiry-based learning and active participation as they construct their own material using sound, video and graphics with my role as more of a facilitator of their use of the software rather than directing their texts.

I would probably employ some information processing theory in the initial explanation of how to use the software, by giving a visual demonstration (powerpoint?) to reinforce the development of short term memory on how to operate the software.

The task itself is also embedded in social context (a news report) which makes it easier for students to engage with and learn according to Dewey’s social activism theory.

By giving the student’s free reign to create their own style of news report using the software it also enables me to see each students’ level of development and build upon it.


Roblyer, M., &  Doering, A.  (2014). Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching: International Edition. 6th Edition, Pearson.

Starkey, L., (2012). Teaching and learning in the digital age. Oxon: Routledge.


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