Ideas for Assessment 2

I am looking at the following outcomes as they seem to have the most potential when combined with technology.

“responds to and composes texts for understanding, interpretation, critical analysis, imaginative expression and pleasure” EN4-1A

“effectively uses a widening range of processes, skills, strategies and knowledge for responding to and composing texts in different media and technologies” EN4-2A

These are both stage 4 outcomes for objective A. I’m considering a variety of writing software such as Write or Die, WriteMonkey and Dark Room if I choose to do the first outcome.

For the second outcome I’d be looking at using multimodal creation software such as, which seems like a lot of fun. Students can practice skills in story structure, layout and writing whilst using graphics to compliment their work. They could then try telling the same story in narrative form and reflect on the differences between the two. Which is more effective? Is there less information in the digital text?

Skype could be used to contact a willing graphic novelist for a brief Q&A on the skills and strategies that go into creating such texts.

The digital publishing aspect of the work will also be more engaging for the students (Roblyer & Doering, p.275)

The curriculum I will be using is the English K-10 Syllabus:

Technology is mentioned in the Syllabus’ Rationale: “…become imaginative and confident users of a range of electronic and digital technologies and understand and reflect on the ongoing impact of these technologies on society.”


NSW K-10 English Syllabus (2012). Retrieved from:


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