Instructional Software Examples for the English Classroom

Drill & Practice:

I’ve been using this site/app for the last few years to improve my Korean vocabulary and it seems like it could just as easily be used for more advanced English vocabulary or I could even create my own courses based on difficult vocabulary in class texts. Students would be able to revise words on their phone and compete on a leaderboard with the rest of the class.


A wiki site for learning the basics of writing creatively with sections for grammar, process and structuring. It would be a useful resource to give students as they attempt their own pieces.


It was hard to think of a simulator appropriate for English but it’s interesting to appreciate how difficult typing used to be, even with the typewriter’s ‘brokenness’ set to 0.

Instructional Games:

A list of game websites that are mainly devoted to vocabulary and grammar. Free rice was my favorite though it really only tests knowledge of synonyms.

Write or Die/WordWars is another fun game that involves stream-of-consciousness writing within a time limit. If your WPM goes to low the screen changes color and sirens go off.

Problem Solving: It was hard to find anything for English. Maybe riddles games like this one: might be fun to get students to practice comprehension and critical thinking.


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